Dancing like Sapna

“Talangu Tadigina thom tha thae thae thath… Kitta thaga tham dit thaam- Dit thaam kitta thaga thayi thath thae… The opening sequence of Allarippu  – a Bharthanatyam dance remains embedded in my memory. It is a beautiful dance symbolizing the offering of respect to both God and the audience. Being, the tallest in a dance … More Dancing like Sapna

The magic of Tepoztlan – 1

I think of the magical feeling that we as a family had felt in Tepoztlan, Mexico and the warmth returns to my heart. The cobbled stone pathways filled with people, cabs squeezing their way through the narrow clogged streets, quaint houses, happy people, ancient cathedral and  interesting stores.  The jewel in the crown, though is the ancient Tepozteco pyramid, perched … More The magic of Tepoztlan – 1

Of Dogstail and GUGU

We were chatting at Starbucks, when Ciarra’s iPhone started buzzing. She looked at her phone and put it away. “What happened”, I asked her. “Why do people post negative comments with fake names?” she asked as she wrinkled her nose with disappointment. “Oh! they must be GUGUs” I said casually. “What does GUGU mean?” she asked. … More Of Dogstail and GUGU