Bangalore in the 70s, India, Musings, Nostalgia

Cacophony – Adjust Maadi (Hallmark of India)

I was making matar paneer, – Peas with homemade cheese, when the aroma jolted me back  to my childhood, in India. It used to be my favorite dish, especially the way my mother made it. Cubed pieces of paneer – homemade cheese floating in a delicious orange colored sauce. I could hear ” Chalte Chalte ” Farewell –  blaring  from a neighbor’s radio at 6:00 in the morning. Watching movies and listening to movie songs is a huge part of people’s lives  in India. All my friends saw movies. So, I expressed my desire to see the movie Chalte Chalte  a popular movie in the mid 70s,  my mother glared at me and firmly declared, “No more movies  for the next few years, they promote wrong values.”

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