Meera Aunty

It was a lazy afternoon, during our summer holidays, I hopped over to our neighbor Meera Aunty’s house as usual, opening the gate, I went in and rang the door bell. Nobody opened the door. I hung around for a bit, went over to her little garden of beautiful flowers – purple sweet williams and … More Meera Aunty

O for Oota ( food)

Variety and Food is the Spice of Life especially while growing up in a diverse neighborhood… Oota aayita” (had your food) is actually an Ordinary greeting like “How are you?” Often times complete strangers on the streets in Bangalore are bound to ask you, “Oota aayita”? … More O for Oota ( food)

Boot Camp Anyone?

Me and a mile run… never! It is too boring and too exhausting… I haven’t done it in ages, but I was convinced I could do it the other day, after all I was in a fitness boot camp. My trainer jogged slowly with me every step of the way, quietly instructing me to keep … More Boot Camp Anyone?

10 awesome tips & tricks for everyday living

Try to jog 10 times everyday day for 10 minutes… Jogging on empty stomach improves metabolism. Doing Yoga in the middle of the night improves blood circulation. Exposure to Moonlight has more benefits than Sunlight. Night air helps heal body pain. Walking around with your eyes closed is better than sleeping. Singing in the rain … More 10 awesome tips & tricks for everyday living