Day#5 Conflict between feelings and thinking

Day Seven: Give and Take

I am having trouble with two, just two conflicting personalities. Besides writing dialogues is not my cup of tea, so I am just going to get done with it.

How does nature handle conflict and contrast so well? The contrasting colors add to the beauty of nature like the snow shimmering in the beauty of the night only enhanced by the stars shimmering in the sky, even the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset is only enhanced by contrast. Whereas humans tend to get unhappy, upset and miserable with conflict. Conflict causes war among humans. Conflicting views cause sourness, so people generally shy away from discussing important issues like Politics, Religion or God to keep peace with each other. However, the classic conflict is usually between my Heart and the Mind, if they had a conversation, perhaps this is  how it go.

The Heart sings out, “You should always follow your heart!”
But the Mind says, “It is foolish to not think logically!”
Heart counters,  “That is the only way to be happy!”
“Not necessarily!”
“I don’t care, it is a beautiful morning and I am going for a walk.”
“But the laundry needs to be done, the fridge needs cleaning and what about the shoe closet?”
“Ah! Organizing such a downer!”
“But it needs to be done right?”
“Why not tomorrow?”
” Everything is getting postponed since last week?”
“Wonder why?”
“Because of blogging right?”
“I know! I know! but what can I do, I love Blogging.”
” I also need to develop a writing habit.”
“I know! we atleast we agree on one thing.”
“Yes don’t we?”
So they both say in unison, “Keep Blogging!”

The end….


5 thoughts on “Day#5 Conflict between feelings and thinking

  1. lucydanvers says:

    I really enjoyed this as I thought the unison at the end of the blog was very cleverly done and I also liked the comparisons you drew between the heart and the head. I liked this because it was lighthearted and enjoyable.

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  2. ‘I said’, ‘he said’, it goes on and on. If your are not a short hand writer or carrying a switched on tape recorder or your phone or tablet, then as time goes by it’s the one with the best credentials and appearance who gets believed. It’s well constructed the way that yours ended amicably. Well done.

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  3. “as time goes by it’s the one with the best credentials and appearance who gets believed” so true! If only conflicts could be resolved amicably in real life as well …..


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