Scared me then, Scare me now

I hear someone whispering, a face peeking into the window

Is it for real?

Heart is beating faster, my throat goes dry

I break into a cold sweat, as I lay still,

Close my eyes tightly shut, hoping no one is around –

Come face to face with a faceless monster;

I try to scream, but it is soundless,

I try to run, but I freeze;

I try to take out a knife, but it slips

I try to hide, but my covers are blown,

There is no escape –

I open my eyes.. there is nothing.. All gone…

You guessed it ! Nightmares!

Always thought they were for real..

Scared me then, Scare me now!

Goodness Gracious! now my secret is out.

Copyright ©2015 Ish Kaur. All rights reserved.


One thought on “Scared me then, Scare me now

  1. Original take on this subject. Your usual writings present such an “altogether with it” person, I have to wonder if you are being quite loose with the truth when you describe you fear of monsters. I think you are looking at the dark like a seven year old. Since the style is supposed to be different from your regular style, I would say you are quite successful!


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