Day #2 – Committing to writing

I  enjoyed writing without looking back or editing or trying to make logical sense, but somehow blogging for over six months in two blogs has made me more conscience and aware of all the grammatical mistakes and the prepositions that I swallow while writing and I have become more of a logical writer than a spontaneous one. For better or worse, I am going to attempt “one of those” spontaneous, uninterrupted versions as I commit myself to a writing practice everyday.

My three favorite songs! It is very hard for me to choose a favorite song, color, dress, movie or a book, because it changes all the time depending on where I am and how I am feeling. I have no idea, why I liked sad songs when I was younger, my whole class would be singing and dancing to Brown girl in the ring or  Catch me if you can and here I would be dwelling on sad songs. One of my favorites was  –  ” Ra Ra Rasputin lover of the Russian queen“. My second favorite was a Hindi song “Chalte, Chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhana” and the third one was  “Kasme, vade, pyar, wafa,  sub bataein hai”  The lyrics of the hindi songs had depth in them and the singing was hauntingly beautiful. And yet, I was listening to these songs as a ten year old, completely oblivious to the anguish being experssed and yet feeling everything without actually realising the meaning of the lyrics or dwelling on them.

Of course, my favorites changed and keep changing and that is one thing that has been constant, CHANGE. It has helped me see things from a different perspective, to understand people and life. Essentially, people are the same no matter where you live and what you do. It is the same, internet has shrunk the world by making it easier for people to understand and connect with each other. From an optional  tool of fantasy, amusement and idling away it has become a medium of communication, an important factor in our lives. I find it fascinating that we are all communicating with each other through our blogs. And it doesn’t matter which corner of the world we live in, we can all write and communicate our thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

Going back to the songs that were my favorites. It seems interesting that as I dwell on the meaning it makes perefect sense. Chalte Chalte – is perfect for someone ever on the move and I have moved 13 times in the last 18+ years. Kasme, Vaade, pyar, wafa – makes sense again, it talks about promises, love, loyalty and changing relationships with people and how in essense we are alone in this world. As for Ra Ra Rasputin, maybe it is my love for Russian books or simply a catchy tune.. when I sit and reminisce all places I have lived and the places I traveled and people I met.. someday… somewhere.. sitting in the woods…only 3 more minutes to go…

I am itching to edit, but I won’t look back.. I promised…I won’t edit… I promised.. and I will publish it exactly the way it is…

It is so much more fun, no pressure to make it look good or sound good… And my 15 minutes are up…


9 thoughts on “Day #2 – Committing to writing

  1. I can feel your pain in trying to choose 3 songs…like you said, things like that change. I do have to say that now I have “There’s a brown girl in the ring, sha la la la la la…” playing over and over in my head….thanks so much. (My kids love it.)

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  2. Really good free write, and cool that you didn’t edit. I am going to go and listen to the songs you mentioned. Always looking for new songs. I love that you put into words that I feel: “Of course, my favorites changed and keep changing and that is one thing that has been constant, CHANGE.” That is exactly what I was trying to say in a recent 25 Songs, 25 Days challenge I took about music. Every song I hear, is my favorite at the moment I hear it. And with new tunes coming in, I’m always falling in love with new songs. Very nicely done!

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  3. I am glad I wrote it in 15 minutes, otherwise I would have changed my mind about the songs…I have been humming so many other songs… Do listen to the songs, I mentioned on Youtube… unfortunately it may be hard to find them with English subtitles.. The songs of the hindi movies in the 60s and 70s were pure gems. The lyrics, the music, the voice and the singing, simply unmatched…Those singers were something else Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, lata, Asha bhonsle and Manna Dey.


  4. Listening to Rah Rah Rasputin now… LOVE IT!!!! 🙂 Will let you know about the other two 🙂
    I wasn’t sure if Chalte, Chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhana was a video specifically for the song, or from a movie, like a scene? The same with Kasme, Vaade, pyar, wafa. I liked the singer a lot from the last song.
    You said you might have changed your mind about the songs. Do you know which songs you’d have picked otherwise?

    I don’t mind not understanding what is being said. I have many songs where I don’t understand the words, but still can completely appreciate the music, and the way it sounds!


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