10 awesome tips & tricks for everyday living


  • Try to jog 10 times everyday day for 10 minutes…
  • Jogging on empty stomach improves metabolism.
  • Doing Yoga in the middle of the night improves blood circulation.
  • Exposure to Moonlight has more benefits than Sunlight.
  • Night air helps heal body pain.
  • Walking around with your eyes closed is better than sleeping.
  • Singing in the rain helps improve the quality of your voice.
  • Standing on one foot all day can improve your balance, as long as you switch your feet on alternate days.
  • Arguing loudly with your co-workers is actually a form of healthy release of emotions.
  • Doing 10 sit-ups during business meetings actually improves the outcome and body posture.




Inspired by looking at random covers of the  Cosmopolitan magazine! These tips are for laughs only...Were they actually they believable?