Day #7 Dear Interesting

I am writing a letter to the first word I find on a random page in a random book. And the word is “Interesting”

Dear Interesting,

Typing on my mobile with my thumb… the challenges and the conveniences of technology, I find you there. Otherwise, I have been missing you! I grew up listening to your stories. They were never boring…even when the king and queen died, I found you there! Even when I had listened to a story told over and over again, I found you there! You were my companion when I read the adventures of Fatty and the girls in the Malory towers, in books by Enid Blyton. I found you easily when I was a child.

You were everywhere, in the conversations between moms, in other people’s houses, in their food and languages, especially when different  from mine. Our neighborhood had so much diversity, that there was never a dull moment, as we kids go together and went house hopping, spending time in each other’s houses experiencing each other’s families and culture and you were always there.

You were the spark that ignited our imagination.The games, we invented always had you in them. I remember  the airplane game, where one of us, picked by the majority got to be the pilot. He or she spread his or her wings and zoomed around on different pretend terrains at a varying  pace while the others who happened to be passengers by default,  had to hold on to the pilot, for their dear lives. The pilot’s goal was to get rid of the passengers, while the goal of the passengers was to hold on to the pilot, leading to a tussle between them with results that again had you involved.

The fun and joy we had with you in the mix of our imaginations, made our childhood unforgettable. I miss you! You used to be fun and exciting and engaging. Now it seems like people have forgotten what you mean anymore. They mistake you for something else in a society that increasingly stays indoors and encourages increasingly polite and boring conversations.

I often hear people refer to you, as if you were your antonym – boring. How was the movie? Interesting!  How was the food? Interesting!  How was the game? Interesting!  So please come back and reclaim  your old glory and make people  realize they are wrong. Let them know how fun exciting and engaging you really are..

Your’s  sincerely,   Ish

Copyright ©2015 Ish Kaur. All rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “Day #7 Dear Interesting

  1. Ish, interesting blog. I’m just saying that to reinforce your comment about how “interesting” no longer has any excitement to it. Your blog is far more than “interesting.” It is filled with motion, visual imagery, even sound imagery although you use no sound words! I can hear the sound of you plane full of passengers. I am glad to be a follower. You are interesting – Plus! Add on words like original, creative, intelligent, wise…

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  2. A superb (dare I use interesting, it could be misconstrued, these days, that I am being polite *wrinkles nose up*), and unique post. It occurs to me, that our sense of things being Interesting, is possibly lost with our innocence? I love all the places you discovered this ever so important companion. If we allow – oh, terrible to imagine that allow has to be involved – so I’ll rephrase: if we seek out our inner child, who knows, still, the trails where Interesting traverses, then we will be happily playing and dancing with Interesting again… and not for a bit, like a vacation, but forever and a day. 🙂

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      • Thank you! You were the inspiration. It may not be as easy as clicking our heels together and closing our eyes and saying I wish I had interesting, three times, but if each person took even a few minutes to look at the world through the eyes of their inner child, they’d have it for that few minutes. And if they did that everyday, then they’d have it everyday for a few minutes. It would grow, because interest DOES grow 🙂

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