Day #1 – Unlocking the mind

Scribbling on a piece of paper, writing, releasing your thoughts without an agenda is so liberating and directionless at the same time. It feels like, I decided to go on a hike in the wilderness, without a plan. Looking at the trails crisscross each other in front of me gives me the delight of a choice as well as the freedom of going with what feels right rather than what is right or what may be right. Simply because with writing as with hiking, there is no right or a wrong.

It is simply a path that one chooses based on one’s instinct and after the choice is made, one has to relish the journey be it simple, complex with numerous twists and turns or a tedious uphill climb. It is the mystery, the adventure of not knowing what lies ahead and yet taking a chance to embark on a journey. After all what do I have to lose?

Spring is in the air, time for a new beginning as the fresh new leaves appear on the branches that were barren and dry with barely any sign of life. As everything stirs into life after the deep slumber of winter – a re-awakening, a re-kindling of new life, new ideas, a new journey that can take me anywhere as long as I am ready for an adventure.

What a glorious opportunity to have a new adventure waiting for me in my own backyard. As I stroll along, looking at the trees springing back to life, all I have to do is to walk out of the rustic wooden gate and take a trail that leads me into the woods, a new traiI, that I have never taken before, it may take me up onto the mountain, or just meander around the mountain or could be punctuated with a series of climbs and drops.

All I want to do, is to see, watch, observe, the beginnings of a new life in the woods as I walk on this mysterious new trail, smelling the earth budding with new life and join in the beautiful process of rejuvenation of nature.


6 thoughts on “Day #1 – Unlocking the mind

  1. You speak my language! The Passions: writing, Nature, music, of course, but there is music as well outside, as the birds are in their beautiful Spring voices. I’m looking forward to getting back to Communing with the Green Ones. Just a bit more time still. But I can almost smell it, which your words brought to me in living color!

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